Car Interior Detailing Checklist – 14 things to check before detailing your car’s interior

car interior detailing checklist

It is common for car owners to focus on detailing their exteriors while neglecting to detail their interiors. Imagine how unpleasant it is to sit in the dirt and dust-covered car seats, despite cleaning the exterior. In addition to making your driving experience smooth and comfortable, detailing your car interior can increase its resale value. Therefore, it is important to checklist these 14 things before detailing a car interior.

Your car’s interior sees a lot of wear and tear. The inside of your car gets repeated heavy traffic, unlike inside your home. You carry dirt into your car each time you start it. You add a few more crumbs and spills every time you eat or drink in your car. Sitting in your car can cause hair, dead skin, makeup, and other contaminants to drop. These contaminants quickly accumulate. Grab a pen and paper or save this article so that you can easily remember these checklists every time you clean the interior of your car.

Why should you make a checklist for detailing your car’s interior?

car interior detailing checklist

Cleaning the interior of a car takes time and skill. Car interior detailing goes far beyond simple car washing and cleaning. Making a checklist before detailing the car interior will make your work easier. By making a checklist, you can divide your work and save time.

A checklist will help you identify the car’s important areas that you should focus on according to your needs. By making a checklist, you will get to know which products are required to clean the interior.

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Car Interior Detailing checklist

1: Check the cleaning products and materials needed

Cleaning a car’s interior is not as simple as washing the exterior of your car. There are specific types of car cleaning products that are made to clean certain fabrics and materials. For example, you should only use leather cleaning products if you have leather seats. The same holds for suede or wool. Only use window cleaners on the glass. And make sure you have the right polish for any wood or metal trim.

Some of the cleaning products and materials important for car detailing are;

  • Microfiber cloths
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Stiff bristled brush or old toothbrush
  • Buckets
  • Cotton swabs and/or clean rags
  • Vinegar

2: Clean carpets or floor mats

Car carpets or floor mats are one of the dirtiest spots in the car. They collect all the dirt and mud that you track into the vehicle. To clean the floor mats more efficiently, take them out of the car. Remove all the dirt and debris from the mats with a detailing brush.

car interior detailing checklist

A carpet cleaner will work great. After applying the cleaner and using a high-pressure hose, the dirt and dust will be sprayed from the carpet.

Always dry the car floor or carpets after cleaning them under the sunlight.

3: Detail the seats

After cleaning the floors, it’s time to clean the car seats. It’s important to clean car seats because they come in direct contact with hands and clothes.

Start cleaning the seats with a brush. A detailing brush will loosen all the dirty spots and stains. They are good at cleaning the car seats after using a brush, vacuum, or steam cleaner. Investing money in cleaners is best if you want to keep your car seats clean. Remember that always buy the cleaner according to the surface. If you have leather seats, purchase a leather cleaner for your car.

It’s always a good idea to remove the car seats before cleaning. This way, you can also clean underneath the seats and easily reach the crevices and nooks.

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4: Remove the stains or deep spots

Removing stains or deep spots from the car seats is important. Stains or deep spots ruin the interior of the car.

car interior detailing checklist

Following our instructions, you can clean your plastic or cloth car seats with a homemade mixture. The following ingredients should go into a bucket: 1 cup vinegar, four drops of dish soap, and 1 gallon of hot water. Dab the mixture gently into the stain and scrub it with a brush. Finally, use water to clean the mixture.

Non-gel toothpaste works well for leather seats. Using toothpaste and a clean toothbrush, dab the stain away with the dabbing technique. You can use a leather conditioner to improve the appearance of leather seats.

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5: Clean the Cup holders

Unknowingly, we put all the trash and dirt in the cup holders in the shape of coffee, cans, and other materials. It is really important to clean the cup holder because we use it in our daily travels.

car interior detailing checklist

Clean the cup holders with a microfiber or cotton swab dipped in a soapy solution. Remove the cup holder from the car and wash it properly. It will make your cup holder look new.

6: Clean the interior windows

A clean interior window is among the most important parts of our car interior detailing checklist article. A clean interior window is essential for driving. It makes your driving smooth and helps you avoid accidents.

To clean the interior windows, use a window or glass cleaner. Never apply the cleaner directly onto the glass surface. Apply the cleaner to the microfiber cloth. Use the other side of the microfiber cloth to dry the glass. Always clean the windows in a circular motion; it will give you a streak-free finish. Always use a soft cloth to clean the windows, as a hard cloth will scratch your car windows.

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7: Clean with a vacuum cleaner

car interior detailing checklist

Vacuuming is the most effective and easy way to clean the car’s interior. To make the vacuum cleaning easy, remove trash and other Clutter. To clean the crevices and nooks of the car interior, you should try to use vacuum cleaner attachments. A vacuum cleaner attachment will deep clean the car’s interior.

8: Clean the steering wheel

Cleaning the steering wheel is important. The steering wheel is the first car interior part that you first touch. Keeping the steering wheel clean will increase your car driving appearance.

Use a damp microfiber cloth and an interior cleaner to clean the steering wheel. Always purchase a steering wheel cleaner according to the surface. Apply the cleaner to the cloth and scrub away the dirt from the steering wheel. After cleaning, use a wet cloth to dry the steering wheel.

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9: Clean the center console

Cleaning the center console is important. It is one of the first things you will see when sitting in the car. If there is any trash or Clutter, then remove it. The best way to clean the center console is to use a vacuum cleaner.

If your center console can be removed, it is better to separate and wash it.

10: Clean the dashboard

Cleaning the car dashboard is important. It enhances its appearance. Always clean this part of the car carefully because it is sensitive, and rough treatment can cause scratches.

car interior detailing checklist

First, pick a cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean the dashboard. Pick the cleaner according to the interior surface. Now apply the cleaner onto the cloth. Now wipe away any dust and dirt on the dashboard.

After cleaning the dashboard with a microfiber cloth, pick a small brush and gently remove the deep dirt on the dashboard.

We recommend using a polish to protect your car interior from UV rays.

11: Clean the trunk

The trunk is often overlooked when it comes to the car interior detailing checklist. However, keeping it clean from the inside is very important, as important luggage and other useful items are stored here.

Remove any trash or mess before starting to clean the trunk. Remove the trunk mats and clean them with soapy water or a cleaner to get better cleaning. Dry the carpets for 1-2 hours.

12: Always remove the trash and Clutter before cleaning

It is very important to remove all the trash or Clutter from the car’s interior before you start cleaning it. This will make your work a lot easier and will save you time. Always carry plastic bags with you to remove trash or Clutter. All trash, such as food particles, cans, or coffee, should be placed in plastic bags. Put the trash bags in the dustbin or outside after you dispose of the trash.

13: Clean the roof

When it comes to cleaning the roof, most car owners forget about it, but let me tell you that a clean and beautiful roof increases the car’s resale value. If you or someone else smoke in your car, the ceiling will be stained with black spots as a result of smoke residue, and it is really difficult to remove

You can use the same cleaner you did for your upholstery to clean the roof.

14: Arrange the Glove Compartment

car interior detailing checklist

It is an ideal time to organize important documents in your glove compartment while detailing your car’s interior. If you’ve been storing garbage for some time, throw it away. Organize your important documents, such as your insurance, car, or license.

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We hope you read and like our article about 14 things to check when detailing a car interior. There is no better feeling than driving a car that smells and looks clean. Take time to clean your car’s interior and use this 14-point checklist for a thorough cleaning. It is important to have a car that runs well in addition to one that looks great. To keep your car running at its best, it is recommended that you take it to a professional detailer.

Car Interior Detailing Checklist – 14 things to check before detailing your car’s interior
Car Interior Detailing Checklist – 14 things to check before detailing your car’s interior

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