How to change interior color of car in 2022

how to change interior color of car

How to change interior color of car comes to the mind of every person who is bored with driving the same old tan or grey interior car. If you drive an old car or have bought a used one, it can be a bore to see or use the same things daily, and it is important to change the interior color of that car if you get bored with it.

Grey or tan are the most common colors in car interiors. Blue or maroon are more common in older models. However, car owners don’t always favor these colors because they match most exterior color schemes. It is not a difficult thing to do if you want an interior color that matches the color of your car or a completely different color, all you have to do is read this entire article, and you will get your answers.

Why should you change the interior color of your car?

how to change interior color of car

Changing the interior color of the car can be your choice, or it can be your need. It completely depends on you. One of the main reasons many car owners change the interior color of their vehicles is that the interior color is worn or faded after they purchase a used car.

Another possibility is that, after driving a certain vehicle for so long, you are tired of the original interior color and want to switch to something more exciting.

It is advisable to determine which course of action best suits your needs while evaluating the interior. Apart from the color, if your whole upholstery is completely worn out, it may be best to re-do the interior. The reason is that with this option, you can modify your interior not just in terms of color but also in terms of what’s damaged.

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How to change interior color of car

It is important to take precautions before discussing how to color the car’s interior.

Safety Tips:

  • Always wear a mask: Whenever you are sprayed with chemicals, it is important to wear a mask to avoid getting allergic to them.
  • Wear glasses: It is important to wear glasses because spray drops can enter your eyes and cause injury.

Step 1: Ensure all areas are covered.

Make sure to cover all car surfaces that won’t get sprayed, such as the windshield, windows, gauges, CD player, radio, buttons, and knobs. You must cover the seat when you spray the dash and plastic areas, and you must cover those areas when you spray the seats.

Step 2: Clean all surfaces

Use upholstery cleaner and a stiff-bristled brush to clean the seats and carpet. Leave the fabric to dry completely. Once the fabric has dried, go over it with a stiff brush before painting.

Step 3: Spray the fabric of the car’s headliner or roof

Let the upholstery paint dry before applying it to the fabric headliner. Work from the front to the rear. Spray upholstery paint on the seats, working your way from the top of the headrest to the bottom. Make sure to take care of the back of the seat and the sides of the bottom of the seat as well. You should start at the front near the dashboard and work your way to the back. Before you touch the upholstery, let it dry completely.

Step 4: Spray Painting the plastic and vinyl areas

Before painting the plastic or vinyl surfaces, you should clean them. Use SEM soap and a grey scuff pad to clean all plastic and vinyl surfaces. Let them dry after rinsing. With an SEM vinyl/leather Prep application rag, wipe the surface in a single direction.

Use the paint on plastic/vinyl areas such as the dash, door panels, center consoles, armrests, and sun visors. Apply a light, thin coat and let it dry for 30 minutes. Add two or three thin coats more, allowing 30 minutes in between. Do not touch any parts of the car or drive it until it is completely dry.

What is the cost of changing the interior color of a car?

how to change interior color of car

When it comes to changing the interior color of a car, we are not only talking about seats or carpets. All interior components, such as the ceiling, door inserts, elbow rests, and upholstery, are customizable. Your approach will determine the price. It is possible to change the interior color in two ways.

1: By professional

The price of changing your car’s interior color and parts can range from $4500 to $20,000. Quality and parts to be replaced determine the price. You can purchase custom parts, such as the dashboard and leather seats. The labor will be an additional cost.

A professional detailer can usually provide impressive results when changing the interior color of a car. However, the biggest disadvantage is the expense.

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2: By yourself

A cheaper alternative is available, but it requires effort and knowledge. Alternatively, you can purchase a paint or dye kit and change the interior color yourself.

These kits cost between $300 and $800. It takes a bit of free time and an area to work in, ideally a garage.

Should I dye or spray my car’s interior?

Dying or spraying a car’s interior is one of those things where people get confused about how to change interior color of car.

Dyeing is a leather process, whereas spraying is for vinyl and plastics. Dyeing is the best way to change the color of leather interiors. The only thing needed is a leather colorant kit for use on leather and vinyl, and plastic surfaces.

For vinyl interiors, you can spray-paint them to change the color. The spray paint does an excellent job of changing the interior colors of the car. This goes for fabric seats as well. A quality spray paint and a primer will be all you need to change the interior color yourself.

How to change interior color of car in 2022
How to change interior color of car in 2022

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