How to decorate your car interior in 2022

How to decorate your car interior

Humans are naturally attracted to decorating their surroundings. Hence the interest in how to decorate your car interior is well known among car enthusiasts. A well-decorated interior of the car gets people’s attention the moment they sit in it.

To make your car interior more luxurious and appealing, you need the most beautiful car interior decoration ideas and the coolest interior accessories. Is that right? You can do some super cool things to your car interior without spending a ton of money by following this guide.

Why should you decorate the interior of your car?

How to decorate your car interior

According to research by, American drivers spend an average of 293 hours behind the wheel each year. You might want to decorate your car interior since you’ll spend so much time inside, at least 12 days a year.

We usually ignore the interior of cars because we think people are mostly concerned with the exteriors. We forget, however, that the interior of the vehicle contributes greatly to the car’s overall appeal. Being behind the wheel of a nicely decorated car is an exciting experience. It can make driving far more enjoyable.

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How to decorate your car interior (Best Ideas)

The car’s interior is the easiest thing to customize without going over budget. However, the most important thing is how to decorate your car’s interior. This is an easy thing to do if you follow our guidelines.

1: Decorate the seat covers

How to decorate your car interior

When anyone gets into a car, the first thing they notice is the seats. Adding seat covers to your car will not only decorate the interior but also completely transform the look.

There are many color options, styles, and fabric options for seat covers, which is what makes them the best choice for you. You can also change them according to the season and whenever you like.

When it comes to universal seat covers, you can choose them but be aware that they may look different. I recommend that you buy a custom-made car seat cover that will perfectly fit your car seats.

●     Replace the fabric seat covers:

In terms of affordability, fabric seat covers are the best option. There is a wide range of styles, colors, and textures that you can choose from. It’s necessary to remove and wash these covers if you want to keep them clean.

●     Replace leather seat covers:

In contrast, leather seat covers, while they may cost you more, you will have the pleasure of having a high-end look in the interior of your car. If your budget allows you to do so, there is nothing better than installing leather seat covers for your car seats. There is a limited variety of colors and designs, but they are easy to clean. Simply wipe them clean.

2: Install a steering wheel cover

As soon as a car owner buys a car, they consider getting car seat covers; however, most people do not even think about installing a cover for their steering wheel. One car interior accessory that has a great influence on interior design is the steering wheel cover.

Besides giving your vehicle’s interior an elegant appearance, the steering wheel cover is also intended to make driving more convenient by facilitating a better grip and making driving more enjoyable.

You can expect to pay from $5 to $30 for a steering wheel cover, depending on the quality and style. There are universal sizes available for these covers. When choosing a steering wheel, make sure that that is the same size as the steering wheel on your car.

3: Install All Seasons Car Floor Mats

Some people believe that people who sit in your car only look at easily visible things or what is directly in front of them. You are highly mistaken. Regardless of how attractive a person’s outfit may be, one does not overlook the type of shoes or sandals that they are wearing.

How to decorate your car interior

So, we don’t want to let anyone inside our cars. Your car floor mats and seat covers are checked out by them. Thus, picking the right and best all-weather floor mats for your car should be one of your main concerns when you are thinking of making your car’s interior look cool.

When you are looking to buy custom-fit waterproof floor mats for your car, as you cannot compromise with the quality standards of your vehicles, you must always purchase a durable, high quality, and right car floor mat.

4: Install infotainment display

How to decorate your car interior

The easiest way to make your car a more attractive interior is to install a multimedia display. It is not only convenient to have the screen of the infotainment system in a vehicle, but it is also an essential feature. There are not many old cars that came with this feature built-in.

The good news is, with the wide range of aftermarket options available today, you can now customize the interior of your car with an infotainment system. Although these screens are expensive depending on the features they offer, the money invested in the multimedia display is well worth it. Some several sizes and features come with these displays.

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It is necessary to cut up dashboard areas for some multimedia displays. However, as long as they are well concealed, the cut-up areas will not be visible.

5: Install LEDs in the car’s interior

Adding LED strip lights to your car’s interior will make it feel and look completely unique, so do not be afraid to try this. Your car will look and feel unique from the rest of the cars on the road.

You can choose from a variety of LED lights according to your budget. There is a wide range of them, from simple strips to under-panel lighting, from remote-controlled to dashboard strips. The two types of simple strips are ones that do not change color and those that change fewer colors with fewer options.

Remote-controlled LED strips are widely used and cost more than regular ones. However, they have many advantages. You can change the color of the lights using the remote control, and they come in a wide variety of colors. There is also an app that you can use to control the lighting with your smartphone. Amazing, right?

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6: Install a Tissue Holder in the car

Whether you are doing makeup touch-ups on the road or wiping your hands after eating some snacks, tissues are very useful, which is why we have included them in our list of how to decorate your car interior. Whenever you need tissues, you should have a place where you can store them so that you can easily access them.

There is no doubt that tissue packets can be stored in more than one pocket, but they are not as useful when an emergency arises. Thus, tissue holders for cars are recommended both in terms of their functionality as well as their ability to enhance the appearance of your interior.

A tissue holder box might be the most appropriate thing to place in your car interior as a cute decoration, among other options. While traveling, you use a lot of tissues. Using a car tissue holder makes it easier to dispose of unused tissues.

7: Add storage pouches

Although storage pouches enhance the appearance of car interiors, they serve mainly as storage containers. They can be very useful when traveling with children. Besides having bottle holders, they are able to hold books, tissues, snacks, etc.

How to decorate your car interior

Back seat passengers can even watch movies on tablets stored in some car seats. When traveling with kids, you are likely to run out of space even though many manufacturers nowadays focus on the functionality of the interior.

With the help of these pouches, almost any situation can be made better in the car, in regards to the amount of space available.

Kids have a lot of options when it comes to choosing pouches, and it’s important that they decide which one best suits their interests. The price of these pouches will usually range from $10 to $50, depending on the quality and the number of compartments the pouch has.

8: Install protectors for back car seats

As a part of taking care of your car, you’ll often find that owners are focused on both the exterior and interior aspects of the automobile. However, they miss out on a few minute details that are a part of what they need to take care of. Among these parts of the car that remains neglected is the backside of the car seat.

If you are among the many people looking for the best car interior decoration ideas and are interested in how to decorate your car interior, there are ways of adding functionality as well as being an enhancer of the car’s appearance. This refers to the back protectors for your car seats and car seat organizers and kicks mats for your seats.

You might not expect it, but your car seats are prone to getting dusty and dirty. When you choose to install a car seat back protector, you can ensure that you will breathe fresh air the entire time you are in your car. You can purchase them in extremely beautiful designs and patterns that are suited for car accessories interior decoration.

9: Trash bin for car interior

The purpose of this accessory is more toward practicality than ideas for interior car decoration. Your car will look neater and cleaner if you have a convenient place to dispose of trash.

How to decorate your car interior

To give a decent look to your vehicle, choose a basic one, or you can choose a color that coordinates with your vehicle’s interior.

Additionally, choose a design that is playful to make the interior even more colorful and exciting.

10: Add a car sun visor mirror

If your best friend doesn’t like the makeup you’re wearing, all you need to do is wipe it away with a tissue and wear something she likes. This is why the sun visor mirrors for cars are a blessing in disguise for women in particular.

To impress your lady with a high-quality car interior accessory, make sure your vehicle is equipped with a car sun visor mirror with LED lights. To see yourself from all angles, you can choose between a single screen mirror and a foldable screen mirror.

Design-wise, these Sun visor mirrors come in a variety of attractive and trendy patterns that add to the overall appearance and feel of your sedan. Best of all, it’s easy to install, so it’s a great tip for car interior decoration.

11: Put an air freshener in the car

If the interior smells bad, even if you do all the modifications to the car décor ideas interior, then all the modifications will be in vain, and the car won’t look good.

How to decorate your car interior

To make your vehicle smell great, you should buy a decorative air freshener. Various air fresheners are available to meet your needs, including canisters that fit into cup holders or clip-on air fresheners shaped like flowers or animals.

When you are in the car, using your favorite air freshener plays an important role in making the experience more enjoyable.


You should avoid using a fragrance that is too strong because this will irritate the nose and make the experience inside the car even worse.

12: Customize Your Car Dashboard

When you decorate your car, it’s not just about displaying your intellect and style. Rather, it is a way of making use of every space, no matter how small or large. Car dashboards seem risky enough, but some items are designed specifically for them.

To make your car look cute and unique, you can add a variety of things, such as dolls and plants. Besides dolls, you may want to decorate your sedan with other toys as well. You might see dancing dolls in your car whose belly moves to the beat of the music.

When the air conditioning is on, the plants keep the ambiance fresh and lively. You can decorate your sedan with the dolls and plants from the car interior decoration collection to see the impact they have on the interior.

13: Install Phone handlers

In America, driving while using a cell phone could get you a ticket that ranges from a $100 fine to a two-year license suspension.

How to decorate your car interior

There is a possibility that an accident might occur if you take the phone out to see who is calling. How about using an accessory that will protect you from fine actions that could lead to accidents, as well as decorating your car’s interior? Definitely! It is possible to do this by using a phone mount.

The phone mount keeps your phone in front of you at all times so that you are always aware of everything that is going on around you.

Furthermore, you should not talk on the phone or send texts while driving since this is still a risky activity.

When it comes to listening to music or using your phone as a GPS device, a phone mount is useful.


It is important that you never forget to leave the phone resting on the mount, as it could be stolen if you do so.

14: Make your rearview mirror beautiful

People usually have something hanging over the rearview mirror when they are driving. The rearview mirror of your vehicle can also be used as a place for you to hang something like an air freshener or any other decorative item.

Make sure that you choose something meaningful to you and that it does not distract or overwhelm you in any way.

15: Decorate the gear knob, hand brake, and pedal covers

How to decorate your car interior

Despite the fact that these elements only make up a small portion of the interior, they are very visible from the inside since they control the car from within. Several covers are available for them, such as those designed for cellphones. Covers for these phones are available in different materials, designs, colors, and sizes.

It doesn’t matter what style you choose, but make sure that you do not compromise on your grip by going for the ones you prefer.

16: Purchase an armrest cushion or pad for your car’s center console

Is your car center console wide enough to accommodate the arms of a passenger sitting next to you as you drive? As a car owner, you are responsible for making sure your passenger is comfortable. One way to decorate the interior of your car is by using a car center console armrest pillow or pad.

You are uneasy throughout the trip as your arms are kept on a hard surface. As a car owner, you will agree that comfort is extremely important when you are driving. Correct?

So, if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your car interior, then consider these armrest covers, as they will not only make your car more comfortable but also make it look more stylish.

17: Add a neck pillow and a headrest pillow to your car seat

Often, driving for long hours will leave you with neck, shoulder, and headache pain. Hence, it is highly recommended that you use headrest pillows and neck supports. These car interior accessories tend to be the most desired because they not only prevent neck, shoulder, and headache pains but also enhance a sedan’s look and feel.

How to decorate your car interior

A headrest protects you from injuries from rear-end collisions and even side impacts. If your neck snaps back suddenly as a result of sudden unexpected car movements due to an accident, the neck support cushion is great protection. For those who enjoy driving or taking long road trips with their loved ones, this serves as an ideal interior car accessory.

My personal thoughts on how to decorate your car interior

I would recommend products that are not just attractive but also useful in nature for those who want to decorate the interior of their car. Your investment will be worth your while, and you will be satisfied with the result.

When it comes to decorating the interior of your car, whether it is cute or homemade, I prefer steering wheel covers for the comfort of the person in the driver’s seat and phone holders because entertainment is equally important as car seat headrest pillows and neck support cushions as standard equipment.

The car interior should include a sun visor mirror, air freshener, and storage pockets in a variety of places. Get all the best car interior decorating ideas and items for the interior of the car that matters to you. Select according to your preferences and requirements.

Please share this article with family and friends if you found it helpful. We would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, that you could provide in the comments.

How to decorate your car interior in 2022
How to decorate your car interior in 2022

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