How to install car steering cover without any difficulty

how to install car steering wheel cover

Most car enthusiasts love to change their steering wheels covers. But they do not know how to install car steering wheel cover. You must have a good steering wheel cover for your vehicle’s control and aesthetic appeal. From online retailers to local stores, steering wheel covers are available everywhere. Installation is easy and requires no special tools.

The variety of covers available, with their different designs and materials, makes selecting one a challenge. Putting one on the steering wheel is far harder than choosing the right one. It’s easier to wear some than others, but they all require a bit of know-how. There is, of course, a range of difficulty in this procedure, depending on the wheel model, size, and position. Regardless of what case you face, this article will provide you with all the information you need.

Why should you install a steering wheel cover?

The steering wheel is an important and expensive part of the car interior. It is more common for people to buy and install steering wheels since they are willing to spend a few dollars rather than risk their lives or pay a large amount later. But besides all of these, there are many other reasons why you should install a steering wheel cover.

how to install car steering wheel cover

1: It ensures safety

The steering wheel is among the parts of the car that are often ignored for safety. However, they’re still important, and keeping them in good shape is crucial. In fact, a worn-out steering wheel can lead to a disaster. That is especially true for steering wheels that do not have a special texture to improve grip.

By purchasing a steering wheel cover that has a good design, you can avoid potential inconveniences. With the steering wheel, you can grip it firmly so that your hands won’t slip from it.

2: It protects your car

Steering wheel covers are good at protecting the wheel from the sun’s UV rays. After being exposed for a long time, there is a possibility that the wheel’s surface will crack or change color. Hence, manufacturers manufacture heat-resisting covers for wheels. Typically, these materials include textured fabrics or suede.

3: It provides comfort

A long drive can either be pleasant or unpleasant, depending on your personality. It doesn’t matter which type of rider you are – a comfortable wheel is a must. It’s fair to say that a wheel cover more than doubles the overall comfort of a wheel. This is especially true when driving in the oppressive summer heat. How is this possible? On a hot summer day, holding a cold wheel feels so satisfying.

4: It increases the appearance of the car

Many auto enthusiasts constantly want to update the interiors and exteriors of their cars. They spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary upgrades. Think about how nice it would be to purchase something that increases your comfort and safety while also increasing the appearance of your car’s interior.

5: It increases the resale value of

As we have talked about earlier, the steering wheel is one of the most important parts of the car interior. It is one of the first things people look at when they sit in your car. Just imagine sitting in a car with a stylish and well-maintained steering wheel. Wouldn’t it be nice? These steering wheel covers will help you sell your car for more money.

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Steering Wheel Cover Types

Now that you have learned how important purchasing a steering wheel cover is, it’s time to learn about the types of steering wheel covers.

how to install car steering wheel cover

Choosing the right material will help you improve your grip on the steering wheel and protect your steering wheel from damage.

  • Leather steering wheel covers: Compared to most other steering wheel covers, the leather ones are more popular because they offer a better grip. Similarly, leather covers are easiest to clean than other types of covers.
  • Rubber covers: Rubber covers are also available, which will provide a better grip on the steering wheel.
  • Synthetic mesh covers: The synthetic mesh covers, on the other hand, are available in different colors, so you will be able to find one that matches your car. You can also easily install them.

Different vehicles have different steering wheel sizes. Your steering wheel’s diameter will determine the size of the cover you need.

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How to install car steering wheel cover (Tips and tricks)

In this part of the article, you will find a guide explaining all the steps you need to take to properly apply the cover. We will discuss both methods in more detail (stretching and stitching). Before you begin any task, gather all the materials you need and prepare in advance.

1: Clean the steering wheel with cleaning wipes

Before applying the cover, wipe down the steering wheel with a cleaning wipe. In this way, any dirt or dust that might get caught under the steering wheel cover will be removed.

2: Measuring the steering wheel size

To get the right cover, you need to measure the steering wheel before making your purchase. Tape a measuring tape across the front of your steering wheel from one side to the other to determine the diameter. The diameter of most steering wheels ranges from 36 to 44 centimeters.

  • Product information for most covers will include the diameter and grip thickness.

3: Measure the grip thickness of your steering wheel

You can measure the thickness of the steering wheel grip by wrapping the tape measure around it. Find an appropriate steering wheel cover by matching its dimensions.

  • The thickness of the grip is usually between 5 and 11 cm.

4: Purchase the steering wheel cover

how to install car steering wheel cover

Get a  cover that fits the steering wheel measurements you took. A stretch cover will fit seamlessly over your wheel, whereas stitch covers are sewn together. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and styles when choosing your cover.

  • Pick a cover that complements the look of your car. Consider getting a leather steering wheel cover if, for example, your interior is black.
  • Make sure the steering wheel cover you buy is from a reputable brand on Amazon, where you can return it for a refund or exchange it for a different size if it doesn’t fit correctly.

5: Remove the packaging from the steering wheel and read the instructions

how to install car steering wheel cover

There are many steering wheel covers with cardboard in the center. If your cover has cardboard or other tags, remove them before installation.

  • Many steering wheel covers will include instructions on the back of the cardboard packaging.
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Method 1: Blow-dry stretch style covers to soften them

Heat up the cover with a blow dryer first to soften it up. It’s extremely important to take this step on how to install car steering wheel cover. It will make the covers flexible enough for you to install them.

Keep the blow dryer 2.5 cm from the interior of the steering wheel cover. Dry each section for five to ten seconds. Your steering wheel cover should be more flexible and easier to install.

  • Avoid letting the cover cool down before installing it. Install it immediately after heating.
  • If you use a steering wheel cover that requires stitching, you can skip this step.
  • You should plug the hairdryer into an outdoor outlet to keep the cover as flexible as possible.

Step 2:  Cover the top part of the steering wheel by sliding the top side of the cover over it.

You should center the wheel directly in front of you. As soon as the cover is in position, pull it over the top of the wheel. Ensure there are no gaps between the wheel cover and the rim, and slide the cover down as far as possible. Make sure that the seam faces the rim.

Step 3: Stretch out the sides

how to install car steering wheel cover

With the top of the cover attached to the wheel, stretch both sides to ensure a proper fit. Ideally, you should rotate between the left and right sides. So, using your fingers, stretch the interior of the cover away from the wheel. Repeat the process on the other side. Keep repeating that down the wheel.

Step 4: Slide the cover over the wheel’s bottom part

The only thing left is to slide the cover over the bottom of the wheel. You’ll likely experience the most resistance during that part. You cannot workaround, so you must use force. If the cover does not fit over the wheel, force it down as much as possible. The process is over.

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Method 2: Stitching a steering wheel cover

It is possible to install steering wheel covers without stretching them out or heating them. Stitches are needed for those. Since they always fit so loosely, putting them on the wheel is easy. That’s why it’s not a problem. The real issue is the stitching.

It is important to understand that most of these covers include their sewing materials before you begin reading the steps of the procedure. There’s also the possibility that you won’t receive the materials. In that case, lacing string can be used as a substitute.

Step 1: Wrap the steering wheel cover around the wheel

Center the steering wheel first. After that, place the wheel cover over the rim and line up the sides with the spokes. You can apply sticky tape to some covers to better secure them to the wheel.

  • Stitched steering wheel covers will fit loosely around the wheel in most cases.
  • You have bought the wrong steering wheel cover if it does not fit over the wheel.

Step 2: Pass lace through the needle

Lacing string is usually included with stitch-required steering wheel covers. Cut 3 to 5 feet (0.91 to 1.52 m) of string and lace the end through the needle’s eye. Finish threading the needle by tying a knot at one end of the string.

  • If you did not receive a lacing string with your cover, you could purchase it online or at an arts and crafts store.
  • These strings are durable and should last for many years.

Step 3: Insert the needle into cover

Inserting a needle into the cover is an important step on how to install car steering wheel cover. Begin stitching near one of the spokes of your steering wheel. Insert the needle through the hole closest to you on the inside of the cover. Draw the needle through the thread until it reaches the knot.

  • There may already be holes in many covers that you can use instead of creating new ones.

Step 4: Use a needle to pierce the cover nearest to you

Stretch the string taut by pulling the needle and thread taut. Using the needle, poke it through the outside of the cover closest to you. Tighten the needle by pulling it taut.

  • Do not stretch the string over the steering wheel cover.
  • Your cover will look more secure and cleaner if you get both sides together as close as possible.

Step 5: Twist the inside thread around the needle and pull the thread tight.

Take the string connecting both sides of the cover and wrap it around the needle 3-4 times before pulling it tight. Pull on the string after you twist it around the needle and bring the 2 sides of the cover as close together.

  • Doing this will knot the thread and keep it in place as you thread the rest of the cover.

Step 6: Thread your needle under the cover’s threads

In the seam of the cover, put the needle under the thread you have already stitched. Pull the thread taut on the side closest to you after inserting the needle under the side furthest from you. The steering wheel cover must be sewed backward and forwards using this method.

  • You don’t need to penetrate the cover – all the needle has to do is connect the existing stitching on both sides.
  • When you do this correctly, you should see a crisscross pattern.

Step 7: When you reach another spoke, tie a knot at the end of the thread

As you approach the spokes, pull the string taut, knot it, and then cut the excess. If you did everything right, the stitching should look neat and uniform.

Step 8: Stitch the rest of the cover together

Continue stitching the cover the same way until it is completely stitched. It may take several hours to attach a sewn-on steering wheel cover because it is detail-oriented and time-consuming.

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You should now have a better understanding of how to install car steering wheel cover. Your steering cover installation is as crucial as choosing the right one. If the wheel cover doesn’t fit, it will slip or crack. Keeping your hands snug over the wheel is impossible with a loose cover. You might lose control. In contrast, overtightened covers won’t hold up for long, compromising comfort and functionality. Be vigilant and keen to learn about installing steering wheel covers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to install car steering wheel cover

Q 1: Is it a good idea to cover my steering wheel?

Answer: Driving a car is controlled by steering wheels. They are connected to the suspension via the steering column. Horns are attached to the steering wheel with contact. These are essential to vehicle drivability. In order to control the vehicle, the steering wheel is crucial to protect. By installing a steering wheel cover, you can protect the steering wheel from wear and tear.

In addition to protecting the steering wheel from damage, it also adds stylish appeal to the interior.

Q 2: Why is it so difficult to apply a steering wheel cover?

Answer: Installing the cover is as simple as ABC, as mentioned above in article how to install car steering wheel cover. But sometimes, it’s not that easy. Different steering wheels have different diameters and circumferences. Diameters can range between 14 and 17 inches, while circumferences can vary between 2 and 5 inches.

When you purchase a smaller size steering wheel cover, it can be frustrating to install. In other words, if the steering cover is not stretchy enough to fit over the wheels.

Q 3: Is it legal to use steering wheel knobs?

Answer: Most states do not allow the use of steering wheel knobs. Disabled drivers are the only exception. Various laws and regulations apply in different states and counties. To be sure it is legal where you live, you should check local laws.

Q 4: Will steering wheel covers protect my steering wheel?

Answer: The steering wheel cover adds beauty to the interior of a car as well as protects the steering wheel. The cover also enhances driving enjoyment. By installing steering wheel covers, you can prevent natural wear and tear on the steering wheel. Instead of the wheel itself wearing down, the covers do.

Q 5: Are all steering wheels the same?

Answer: Yes. All aftermarket steering wheels are the same. Therefore, they are compatible with all vehicles. Adapters called wheel hubs, or boss kits are needed in order for one steering wheel to fit many cars.

Some aftermarket steering wheels do not fit all cars. Why is that? It’s important to keep in mind that the steering column and steering wheel are held together by different boss bolts. Ensure your new wheel matches your old one by checking its dimensions and specifications.

Q 6: What is the cost of replacing the steering wheel cover?

Answer: You can get a steering wheel cover for $20 to $100. Professional mechanics will not charge you a fortune to fix it either.

Search for nearby steering wheel cover installers if you aren’t sure where to go. Use this search term to find all nearby installers. Local mechanics can install it. Installation of the steering wheel cover can cost between $70 and $150, resulting in a total of $90 to $250 for the parts and the installation fee.

How to install car steering cover without any difficulty
How to install car steering cover without any difficulty

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