How to Take Care of Black Car like Professionals


In the world of cars, black color is known to be the most problematic. Owners of such cars should learn how to take care of black car. Most car owners think black surfaces aren’t polluted, so they won’t need to wash them as frequently. Black is indeed a harsh color, but most car owners find it attractive.

As with any other vehicle, taking care of a black one is no different; however, improper care can lead to exterior damage. Since you own a black car, these damages are easily visible. Paint imperfections are evident. A little dirt quickly makes the car appear dirty, while small scratches can be noticeable.

Why do black cars get dirty so easily?


The color of your car doesn’t matter, as birds won’t care what color your car is. Black paint is more likely to show dirt because of its reflective nature, causing dirt to be visible on its surface, especially under bright light.

The dirt easily accumulates on black cars for the following 2 reasons:

  • Bright color and high reflectivity
  • Due to its ability to absorb more UV rays, it fades more rapidly

Advantages of cleaning a black car

  • Black is a classy and elegant color, and if its colors are covered with dirt, it needs to be taken care of.
  • Regular detailing will increase the resale value and lifespan of your car.
  • Your car is an expensive and significant investment in your life, so you should take good care of it.

What are the most common paint damages on black cars?

Black painted cars are more likely to suffer paint damage than white painted cars. In short, the facts are that black paint does not differ much from other colors.

Having said that, there are some common problems with paint damage that are made worse by black paint.



In today’s modern automobiles, trucks, and SUVs, paint simply isn’t the same as it once was. This is mainly due to the thinner clear coats of today. As a result, scratches are likely to occur if you don’t protect a clear coat with a layer of carnauba wax, paint protectant, ceramic coat, or paint protection shield.

Depending on how the clear coat is maintained, cleaning with car wash shampoo or drying with a microfiber cloth can sometimes scratch the paint’s surface.

Swirl Marks

Sponge swirl marks are the fine lines left behind by a dirty sponge. Most of the scratches and swirls on your car’s surfaces are caused by dirt on the surface. In addition, soaps and other products may contribute to swirls as well. Avoid damaging your paintwork by cleaning your car regularly to prevent swirls. In addition, you should regularly clean your sponge and use smooth, even strokes to prevent swirling.

Paint peeling and dullness

You might notice scratches, faded marks, or darkened areas on your car. If so, it is recommended that you use good quality cleaning products and hire an expert to detail your car. It is not a difficult process.

Oxidation is the most common cause of paint fading when oxygen and heat are combined under the clear coating. Since black absorbs UV light more than other colors, it causes clear coats to degrade faster than other colors.

The steps you need to follow before detailing your black car

In order to properly detail your black vehicle, you must complete the following steps:

1: Exterior Cleaning


Washing the exterior is the first step in detail. Remove all dirt, debris, road grime, and other debris from the vehicle.

2: Taking Care of the Exterior

In addition to protecting the paint, it is also necessary to protect the exterior components of an automobile. It is possible to achieve this by putting on wax, sealants, or ceramic coatings. Similarly, many owners of cars apply tire dressing or other paint protection to non-painted parts of their cars.

3: Interior cleaning

In this article “how to take care of black car” interior cleaning is one of the most important factors to focus on. .Detailing interiors involves cleaning leather, vinyl, and plastic parts and pieces by getting rid of dirt, debris, and contaminants.

4: Detailing the interior

Detailing concludes by spraying quick detailer sprays on specific materials, enhancing their shine and protecting them from UV damage.

How to Take Care of Black Car like Professionals

It is important to stay away from automatic car washes or pressure washers and use a regular towel to dry it in detailing a black car. Although they’re handy for washing cars, they cause swirl marks and scratches. Any colored car can suffer paint damage if not handled with care.

Now let’s look at some ways to maintain the showroom shine on your black car.



Once you have gathered all your car cleaning supplies, Pre-washing must be done first, especially for black-painted vehicles. In prewashing, dirt and debris from the surface of the car are removed. It also provides some lubrication for gliding on painted surfaces.

In terms of washing your car, there are two general approaches.

  • Spray the area with a water hose: Rinsing the vehicle with water is the first step in pre-washing. It is best to spray with a fine mist instead of the highest pressure, which could rub dirt into the surface.
  • A foam cannon is ideal for washing cars and spraying thick layers of detergent onto them by using a foam cannon. Rather than forcefully spraying soap away, the foam cannon floats it on top.

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Keep tires and wheels clean

Brake dust is microscopic metal flakes and carbon particles that collect on wheels. When you clean the wheels first, these paint-killing materials will not damage the paint.


  • Whenever you clean your wheels, use separate tools, such as buckets, brushes, and tire cleaner, to prevent scratching your paint with metal shavings or brake dust. Also, wash the exterior before detailing the engine.

Wash your car using the Two-Bucket method

You can use one bucket for soap and the other bucket for rinsing. In this way, you can separate the cleaning process into two parts.

Microfiber cloth is ideal.

Protect your car from scratches by using a soft cloth. Moreover, a soft cloth allows the foam to be distributed evenly.

Apply Wax and Polish


After completing the steps listed above, it’s time to wax and polish your ride. In recent years, some really good ‘combo’ waxing products have become available. Consumers sometimes use paint sealants to prolong the life of black painted surfaces.

Wax or paint sealants are mainly problematic because they need to be removed and reapplied frequently. The typical car wax lasts about two months, while most paint sealants last for about a year.


We hope that you have read our article about how to take care of black car and learn about the best ways you can clean your black car at home and make it look more attractive. Caring for your vehicle properly is not time-consuming or difficult. Dark-painted cars are more prone to showing scratches, dirt, and dull appearances than their lighter counterparts. Keeping a black car clean, in contrast, can drastically increase the amount of glow compared to other colors, such as white and silver.

How to Take Care of Black Car like Professionals
How to Take Care of Black Car like Professionals

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